The Best Places for Shopping in Ahmedabad

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The Best Places for Shopping in Ahmedabad

Ahmadabad is one of the busiest cities of Gujarat bustling with crowds most of the time. There may not be many tourist attractions in the city but a short, weekend trip to Ahmadabad will keep you thoroughly entertained amid unique experiences, fun and frolic.

Shopping in Ahmadabad

Ahmadabad is an important business hub of Gujarat and is inhabited by hospitable Gujarati people and smart businessmen. A visitor to Ahmadabad is charmed by the city’s variegated culture, yummy food, stunning hospitality and amazing shopping hubs. A trip to Ahmadabad remains incomplete if you haven’t shopped from the bustling markets and crowded street stalls in the city. Luxury malls too have made their way to the city.

Things to Buy in Ahmadabad

The vast array of shopping sites in Ahmadabad makes it a true paradise for the shopaholics. When it comes to buying things in Ahmadabad, you have plenty of options. Here are the top things you must lay your hands on as a shopper:

  • Tie and dye Fabrics, traditional Kutch fabrics
  • Patola silks
  • Ornately carved Furniture and lacquered furniture
  • Precious antique Jewelry
  • Handicrafts
  • Home décor items made out of wood and brass
  • Antique items like cowbells, caskets, figurines, wind chimes

Famous Places to Shop in Ahmadabad

Teen Darwaza market

The Teen Darwaza market of Ahmadabad will offer you the best in street shopping. An exploration of this market is synonymous to a unique nostalgic romp that lets you make a journey back in time. Situated on the famed historical entrance beside the Bhadra Fort, Teen Darwaza market is the most ideal place to shop rustic artifacts and rare specialty goods.

Fernandes Bridge

This market here is a book lover’s paradise. The three storey bookstore is well furnished and is indeed a repertoire of rare literary gems; old and new. For passionate bookworms this is a wonderful place to pick second-hand, antique literary marvels in half the original price

Lal Darwaza Market

This is an iconic market of Ahmadabad selling almost anything under the sun at a dust-cheap price. From electronic shops to miniature curio stalls to numerous food stalls, you get almost everything in this old market of Ahmadabad. This market livens up in the evening time with huge crowds.

Dhalgarwad Market

Dhalgarwad market is the most notable textile market in the city of Ahmadabad. The various textile stalls in the market showcase a plethora of glossy cotton fabrics. This place is the most ideal place in Gujarat for indulging in saree shopping. Bandhej sarees and other traditional sarees such as Kota sarees, South Cotton sarees, Mangalagiri Cottons etc. are found in plenty in this market and at cheap rates.

Rani no Hajiro

Rani no Hajiro is another shoppers’ hotspot in Ahmadabad. This antique open square market is perhaps the best cloth market in Ahmadabad selling a vast array of fabrics such as Ajrakh, Mashru, Ikkat, sarees, dupattas, apparels etc. at a budgeted price. The market also sells intricate costume jewelries. This bustling market falls in vicinity to the tombs of the queens of Sultan Ahmad Shah.

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