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Shopping in Somnath

Gujarat State is in the westernmost coastline of India. This is the scared state with numerous sites in the city. One city in Gujarat for which the state is famous for is Somnath. Somnath is a city in Gujarat which draws great tourism to the state. This city is surrounded by various temples, shrine, museums and many tourist attractions Apart from having great spiritual and holy attractions Somnath is also famous for the giant Bazaar that is one of the attractions of the city.

Gujarat’s Somnath is a place for shopaholics, the Bazaar in Somnath would keep you mesmerized by the numerous options and would charm you to no ends. Even for those who are not shopaholics, Somnath would tempt you to at least buy something for your loved ones staying back at home.

Shopping in Somnath would mesmerize you the number of variables with the shopkeepers and road Side Street. They have a giant variety from different prices ranges to other various amusing activities.

As Somnath if merely famous for worshipping temple you can buy some really beautiful religious items.  They are more towards handicrafts so you will encounter more wall hangings, antique showpieces.

How can you forget the variation in the costumes that we encounter during the Navratri? This tradition if also from Gujarat and Somnath will encounter you with beautiful costumes and cradle of clothes with Gotta work. You can also witness beautiful shells, mirror, sequins, and buttons work.

Apart from clothes and handicrafts, you can also come across animal trappings, various quilts and many more.

The local markets in Somnath prosper with colorful handmade dolls, miniatures, idols, and many more.

For purchasing these valuable you need to necessarily visit the shops there are also small markets outside the temple wherein you can explore the market if you fall short of time and are in a hurry.

Let me get you the detail of the above-mentioned work in detail:

Sequins Work:

This is nothing but a disc-shaped bead that is majorly used in the clothes, bags, sceneries and many other more handicraft articles. They are made of shiny materials and are plastic in form. These are usually in geometric in shape.

Mirror Work:

This is self-explanatory is in mirror work small reflecting mirror shapes are used to decorate and enhance the beauty of the item either be clothes or artifacts. Mirror work also has a sign of reflecting the joy and happiness in the city and thus more of error work is preferred in the city.

Religious Items:

Being the famous place of Somnath temple you are prone to get many religious items near the place.

In these items, you may encounter yourself with various items like almighty lockets, bracelets, showpiece, printed handbags, printed t-shirts and many more. Also, you would see various beautiful bangles with these mirror and sequin work.

Apart from these local traditional valuables in Somnath, the city has also come up the huge shopping malls these days and as we know a mall is a place where we have a huge arena to purchase anything under one roof. From a pin to piano there is nothing that you cannot explore in a Mall. So as for Somnath, you can purchase the traditional as well as the western ongoing items from the nearby malls.

But one thing an individual need to learn while purchasing in the local market is the bargaining power. You need to brush up your bargaining skills well while purchasing items from the local market. The buyers quote you with a huge margin and being the tourist place its natural they quote the price almost 3 times higher than the usual. So to shop cleverly you need to have good bargaining skills as well.

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