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Gir National Park Entry Fee and Timetable

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A visit to Gir National Park, the most celebrated Wildlife sanctuary of the country is indeed a fulfillment of all the wildlife fantasies one could have. The forests of Gir offer a perfect natural habitat for the world famed Asiatic Lion species, the only one of its kind in India. This sanctuary was founded in the year 1965 and covers a sprawling area of 1412sqkms. Visitors to Gir pick the most unparalleled experience as they get to visualize those most unique Asiatic lions along with other rare wild animals and birds such as black buck, hyenas, wild foxes, brown fish, pygmy woodpeckers etc. The park falls in Gujarat’s Junagadh district. Lion shows and Jeep safaris are the chief highlights of the Gir tour.

Those who are planning to go to Gujarat, shouldn’t ever miss the Gir National park. Here are some vitals you need to know before you visit Gir-

Gir Entry Fees

There are certain charges you need to pay if you wish to explore the Gir National Park. For Indian visitors, the entry fee is Rs 75 whereas for foreign visitors, it is Rs 100. The vehicle fee for safari is Rs 35, photography fee is Rs 100 and fee for 4 hours of guide service is Rs 50. If tickets to Gir and safari booking are done online, then one has to pay additional payment gateway charges. If one is putting up in famed luxurious resorts like Vanvaso resort, Asiatic Lion lodge, Club Mahindra resort, charges may go up to INR 5000 per jeep safari with 6 persons in a jeep.

Gir Timetable

The safari timings at Gir may be categorized into morning safari timing and evening safari timing. Morning safari timings again can be categorized into early morning safari timing and mid day safari timing. Early morning safari starts at 6am and continues till 9am while midday safari starts from 9.00am and continues up till 12.00 noon. It is best to avail the morning safari time as during that time the chances of spotting the wild animals remains pretty high. Evening safari starts from 3pm and continues till 6pm.

The park has a monsoon break and during that time the park is closed and no safari is allowed though the Devaliya Safari zone remains open year round. The monsoon break starts from mid June to mid October. Each Wednesday of each week the Devaliya safari park is closed and no safari is allowed.

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