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Best Time To Visit Gir National Park, Gir Climate

Gir National Park

The famous Gir National park of Gujarat boasts of being the sole shelter for the Asiatic lions. This wildlife sanctuary came into being in the year 1965 and stretches across an area of about 1412sqkms. The park falls within the Junagadh district of Gujarat and within Gujarat’s Saurashtra region.

Many tourists and wildlife enthusiasts make a bee line to Gir each year to spot the rare Asiatic Lion species wandering in the wildernesses.

To know about the best travel season to this famed National park, read on-

Gir Month-Wise Weather

Weather in January
Gir National Park is travel worthy in January. Though it is cold, it is not very severe and hence pleasant. Dry winds and low humidity characterize the weather at Gir in the month of January.

Weather in February
February weather too is pleasant and cool and is good for travel. Clear skies and mild pleasant breeze during the night time mark the weather of Gir at February.

Weather in March
March weather is also travel friendly. Nights are cool and pleasant. Daytime one can experience the sun getting stronger but it is nothing too unbearable.

Weather in April
Weather in April is remarkably hot. Sun blazes with all its might and the heat is intolerable.

Weather in May
Weather in May is hotter. Skies are crystal clear and ambiance arid. Hot wind blows all day long; sun scorches down and nights are equally uncomfortable.

Weather in June
The heat continues in June too. Now humidity adds to it making it all sweaty affairs for tourists and visitors. Increasing humidity is an indication of the fact that monsoons are about to arrive.

Weather in July
The weather in July is humid and rainy and the highest recorded around 200mm.

Weather in August
August weather too is characterized by light to medium showers and slippery tracks and uncomfortable humidity.

Weather in September
Weather in September is humid, sultry and rainy. However, rains during this time are sporadic and milder. The issue of humidity however continues making travel sweaty and uncomfortable.

Weather in October
Weather in October is a little better as the month marks the onset of winters or pre-winters. The breeze gradually gets cool and one can feel a gradual drop in the humidity levels.

Weather in November
Weather in November is quite pleasant as the humidity drops very low and the wind starts becoming dry and crispy but feels pleasant against one’s body.

Weather in December
Weather in December is very pleasant. Cool, dry breeze soothes one and humidity is almost nil.

Best Time to Visit Gir

The ideal time to visit the park is between December and March. That is the winter season in Gir with temperatures being around 20 degree centigrade and travel is very suitable during this time. Summers are hot and intolerable but are good for photography and wildlife viewing. Monsoons are unsuitable as animals are within shelters and no safari is possible. Thus the park is shut down for its Monsoon recess on the 16th of June until the 15th of October.

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