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travel tips for gujarat
Gujarat, the vivacious state of western India attracts huge number of tourists each year from every corner of the country and globe. The plethora of tourism opportunities at Gujarat makes Gujarat an attractive tourist hub for all the passionate people struck by wander lust. But in order to make your Gujarat Trip fulfilling you need to abide by certain very useful travel tips-

Hiring guide Related Tips
When you are hiring a guide at Gujarat make sure to abide by the following tips-

  1. Check on the identity card of the guide to make sure you hire an authorized person only.
  2. You can consider taking suggestions for an experienced guide from the hotel where you put up.
  3. Settle the charges prior to hiring the guide so that there is no confusion or arguments later.
  4. Don’t discuss anything personal with the guide.
  5. Don’t let him get an idea about the amount of money you are carrying with you.
  6. Try to pick some basic idea about the place you are visiting so that no fake guide can dupe it.

Gujarat Tipping Tips
Tipping makes a vital part of the hospitality industry no matter where you are traveling. You may need to pay tips to the hotel waiter, restaurant waiter, taxi driver but whatever tipping you do all depends on your own discretion and there no fixed charges for tipping. However, bear in mind that you need not give any tip to railway station porters because such porters offer services on the basis of affixed charges.

Health-Related Travel Tips
The following health related travel tips need to be followed when you are traveling to Gujarat-

  1. Get yourself thoroughly checked prior to travel.
  2. Carry all your prescribed drugs in ample quantities.
  3. Also carry some over-the-counter drugs for common ailments like common cold, aches and pains, stomach upsets and acidity.
  4. Carry your vaccination certificates along with you.
  5. Carry items such as mosquito net and repellent creams so as to avoid falling prey health issues like dengue.
  6. Postpone traveling if you are suffering from some contagious disease.

Eating Out Tips
When you are at Gujarat here are certain ‘eating out’ tips that you need to follow-

  1. If you haven’t tasted the Gujarati street snacks or the typical Gujarati platter, you have indeed missed something big. So, make sure to sample Gujarati but from hygienic and reputed food joints.
  2. Do not consumed fruits and salads that are cut and displayed by hawkers.
  3. Drink from packaged mineral water bottles.
  4. You shouldn’t accept any type of food offered to you by strangers.
  5. Alcohol is prohibited in Gujarat. So, when you are in Gujarat stay away from those hard drinks or else you will be heavily fined.

Attire Tips
When you are traveling to Gujarat watch out on what you are wearing. Gujarati people are very traditional minded and may not at all entertain any kind of vulgarity in attires. So, don’t wear clothes that make you look vulgar because that may hurt the sentiments of the Gujarati locals.

Safety Tips
Here are some personal safety tips which you need to adhere to-

  1. Don’t leave your goods and luggage unattended.
  2. Don’t leave your goods and luggage with someone whom you don’t know property.
  3. Beware of pick pocketing.
  4. Put your hotel room and your luggage under lock and key when you are out for sightseeing.

General Travel Tips
The other general travel tips for Gujarat travel include

    1. Travel to Gujarat between October-March. That’s the ideal travel season for a comfortable travel.
    2. Book you accommodation and travel tickets quite in advance to avoid last minute harassment.
    3. Check the opening and closing times of places like temples, monuments, museums, zoos etc to avoid unnecessary harassment.
  1. Tell you tour operator to arrange for you short unique trips within the state so that you can catch a glimpse of authentic Gujarat.
  2. Carry sufficient Xeroxes of vital documents such as passport, ID Proof etc.
  3. Don’t break the local or prevalent rules especially when you are visiting some traditional or historic temple or monument.
  4. Don’t cause any harm to animals when you are visiting the various wildlife sanctuaries of Gujarat.

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